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  1. So I need some pokedollars but when I list a pokemon/item on pokebay auctions nobody buys them I always put it at the minimum cost but still nobody buys it can anyone help me????
  2. Yes just offer on my trade page my user is leogamer11088
  3. Attention everyone I’m putting all the pokemon you want on my trade page just tell me what you want and then your user and then offer anything you dont need i am accepting anything!
  4. Sry I’m only giving the pokemon that is in the topic
  5. So I have a lot of pokemon I don’t need..I bet you can see where this is going.. free pokemon! Now I can’t guarantee that these are good pokemon but if any of you want these just put your user and then what you want (limited pokemon). Here’s all the pokemon i have. Deerling (autumn)(x2) a lot of these pokemon are shinys.
  6. I have a question, so when you go to view you pokemon team you can see your pokemon but there are colors above and below the pokemon. What do the colors mean?

    1. iweimax0524


      Those are the type of the pokemon

    2. Leogamer11088
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