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  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh welpthat sucks
  2. nvm the can i have u to train my to 200m exp i give u latiosite latiasite Manectite 2 's
  3. event when zacian (crowned)necrozma (dusk mane)necrozma (dawn wings)necrozma (ultra)zamazenta (crowned)




    bored of waitingBored Hoopa | Pokemon dex, Cute pokemon wallpaper, Hoopa

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    2. jeffpig


      i know right

    3. jeffpig


      im hoopa fan now because last night i watched hoopa and clash of ages

  4. T_T_T__T_T__TT__T_TT_T__T_T_T_ __T_T_T_T
  5. 1.that barley awnsered my queston 2.the most amaizing fight is vs and vs
  6. why isnt there a avatar theres a avatar why not avatar pls make the avatar i want one
  7. hi in sidequests i can get a meteorite ive heard a meteorite can evolve deoxys into any deoxys form but i use this thing called list of avatars the deoxys forms avatars are chance of getting when recieving if i evolve deoxys using a meteorite will i still get the avatar of the deoxys form
  8. this one just made it more cunfusing
  9. hi people wright in there bio i got the 1st barbaracle (grievous) or 1st shadow mew avatar how do i figure out if i got 1st 2nd or 3rd or everything like that how do i figure out
  10. ive seen all the clan profile pic forums i dont understand any of them someone pls help
  11. hi i have a at 3 happiness its night time but it still wont evolve into someone pls help me
  12. event is tommorow and i really want it can someone tell me rules of getting it like does it have to be male or female or how many hearts does it need pls tell me i want my evolve into

    Universal trade

    ill take the potygon-z put it up i offer good stuff
  14. this mystery happend to me to but then i realized these guyd sre right u cant take it off but you could friend one of them and ask them for ur poke back and give them back the money
  15. hola amigos its me DARK_AURORA i have a queston im very scared of getting banned forever so can anyone just tell me what are the rules of NOT being banned forever
  16. hello for the next may the fourth be with you i got a idea how about a bisharp (darth maul) it would be a great idea
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