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  1. Previously, placing in the top 100 of the seasonal rankings would give you a random Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (Galarian) promo code, and redeeming that code had a small chance of awarding their respective avatars. However with the new seasonal shop system you can of course choose which bird you want to buy, which deposits it straight into your box. We noticed nobody was getting Galarian bird avatars after the system was rolled out in April, and there still hasn't been a single new avatar unlocked since then. It's probably because they were only rewarded after the promo code is claimed, but Galarian bird promo codes no longer exist. If this is unintentional please fix it as it doesn't seem like an intentional decision
  2. How can you see who he's following? And needless to say don't give anyone your password unless you want them to steal all your stuff, there's no reason anyone with a brain should be typing out their own password in a message under any circumstances
  3. It evolves at night in real life, not night in the game
  4. It converts the currency, premium costs $15 and I was charged £11.36
  5. IGN billabob, thx for the high value giveaway
  6. I made a list of all the Pokemon with moves that deal over 400 damage (with dark variant). There's actually 806 move+Pokemon combinations so this took me a while. If any are missing DM or @ me, but hopefully this can help you with building a team. There's two spreadsheets, one with the full data and one with only 100% accuracy moves included. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a81K9Zf0HsyS14RnENTdNtIqd-NrK1X4RbBBe0ZDo-c/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Placing my bets on Marshadow. Would love to see those Alolan and Galarian form avatars to come out tho
  8. Like with many things in this game the exact rates aren't published. You'll get ~3 top tier boxes from opening 70 iirc but it varies wildly depending on your luck
  9. If you're happiness training 1 Pokemon just beat up random wild Pokes while you're hunting on maps, or include them in sidequests battles if that's what you're currently doing. Make sure you don't run into the 10 second cooldown. I like doing my happiness training 6 at a time, for example right now I'm evolving 6 Swadloon into Leavanny. I've got them all in my team and I'm battling TypeBug one by one, beating the first Inkay with my first Swadloon and the second with my second etc. This way I can train all 6 with a single battle I'd recommend training them to level 100 or whatever level is necessary to one-shot the training Pokemon to save yourself time
  10. Absolute king. Thanks so much for this tool, this'll save us all from headaches haha
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