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  1. LF / /. Can offer , message me on-site. IGN billabob
  2. I like this idea - the slickest way I've seen this implemented is an "enter page number" popup when you click that "..." button between 9 and 583.
  3. :ball_master: Shiny Glaceon [#21179843] Gender: Male | Lvl: 100 | Exp: 22,000,000 Original Trainer: SCUDERIA (@7SCUDERIA) Owner: 7SCUDERIA (@7SCUDERIA) Attacks: Icy Wind, Bite, Ice Fang, Ice Beam Status: In 7SCUDERIA's box
  4. Thx a lot for mystic Y and dark S.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking to complete my Unown collection. That means I'm willing to buy or trade for the following Unown forms: Shiny 1 Shadow 1 Shadow O Dark I Dark S Metallic I Metallic Z Mystic J Mystic Y I can offer spare shinies (!, A, D, E, G, I, P), spare shadows (0, ?, A, K, L, R, V, W), Groudon or a Mystic Groudon (if you have multiple forms that I need). If you have these forms please reply or otherwise contact me. Thank you Only 1 Unown form left! Offering a dozen shiny Unowns or a Groudon. Uno
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