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  1. The clan battles page at https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/your-clan/ it lists a random opponent + the clan they're from. It looks like the link is supposed to supply a CID value but the CID is always blank, so the link only leads to the clan home page. I like to do clan battles every now and then and I must've fallen for this broken link half a dozen times by now. You have to open the user's profile and click the clan from there if you want to take a look
  2. It looks like 1/20 chance after catching a Hoopa. There's no text saying you unlocked the avatar as far as I know, you just have to check the avatars page in your inventory.
  3. I don't think this has any purpose with how simplistic the battling is already. All Pokemon are taken out with 1 hit unless you have rubbish Pokemon but decent attackers are very easy to find. This is just a load of moves with extremely niche use nobody will ever use
  4. lol... that's for verifying your account in the Discord server
  5. Lol, didnt expected to get reaction on a thread ages ago


    But then, I was kind of a take for granted person (12 years)

  6. Not going to happen on a game like this. Fossils, event Pokemon etc will instantly lose their value. There's also next to no reason to have more than one of other Pokemon since they're either worthless now or will become worthless once there's an infinite breeding supply of them.
  7. Dark is most useful. I'd say my favourite is shadow because it looks sick, mystic might be my least favourite because it's such a horrible pain to fight when luck isn't on your side and it's just the Pokemon with a slight brightness and transparency filter
  8. Fingers still crossed for the Alolan/Galarian avatars to be released soon lol
  9. There is actually one electric move with over 130 base power, but it's Nose Glow... bring back Stantler (Christmas) plz
  10. Rehabilitated got perma-banned with all except 2 of the Galar fossil variants, he was the only person mass buying Galar fossils so he had the majority of the copies in existence. They're all deleted now
  11. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Love the way you did it in rounds
  12. Don't bother making a team with super effective moves for everything, I used to do that but it's a waste of time. Just build a team of Pokemon that can one-hit everything. I'd suggest having normal types with Flail or Last Resort, a dark type with Fling and a fighting type with Focus Punch or Final Gambit. Use a Victini/Dratinire/Necrozma/Eternatus to mop up any shinies and metallics in 1 hit. All with dark variant obviously. Have the move in the Pokemon's first slot so you never switch moves, you're just picking a Pokemon to knock out the opponent. I made a list of all the Pokemon with one-hit moves: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a81K9Zf0HsyS14RnENTdNtIqd-NrK1X4RbBBe0ZDo-c/edit#gid=285791133 - I beat sidequests 4 times before with my own team (Kabutops, Braixen, Lucario, Altaria Mega) using super-effective moves on everything but after setting up a proper team I'd never go back to that. It used to take me a couple of weeks to beat sidequests, now I did it in 3 days.
  13. gg on winning the shiny regi trio

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