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  1. Yes time is left, no submissions have been there yet
  2. Contest has Now started, and yes it looks like that
  3. To submit your pokemon just post their pokemon ID, i will check. Any wrong ids will lead to 1 day suspension, and the 2nd time Disqualification. For eg, i am pyrorororo, i need to catch one normal volcorana and one unique, or if by luck i find 2 uniques be4 a normal it will count to, same with bagon for him/her and regirock. Pls send IDS in set, seperate ids wont be counted. ie when u complete ur whole quest. So if he/she catches all 6 of them then he will post those 6ids in a post. I will check them. GL all of you contest starts in 20 minutes
  4. Everyone Pls be ready at your routes, GL Change in Prizes: The morpeko code is a 100k exp morpeko(Same value)
  5. Final Registerations: SuperCoolShiny,Hardieboi- Pokemon Given: Stantler, Munchlax, Giratina. Pyrorororo,Cha_Fey_S- Pokemon Given: Larvesta, Bagon, Regirock. V7xyz,Jesterv786- Pokemon Given: Petlil, Bulbasaur, Latios/Latias. Bivanblaze13,Altraiuking- Pokemon Given: Gible, Ditto, Mewtwo Ashworld, BlackPanther_17,cursed_charmander12- Pokemon Given: Deino, Bagon, Lugia Dark-Entei, Foodviro,kentot1239- Pokemon Given: Pyukumuku, Squirtle, Tapu-Fini. HACKERSHADRACH,nishkar,SEBOYZXX- Pokemon Given: Magby, Charmander, Groudon NOTE:the contest will star
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