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  1. title says it all, please tell me your IGN and I will search through your listed trades for the shiny rowlet, and offer a mystic kyrum on it, limited time offer, so hurry, only one kyrum, lol, currently offered to sotolamongan on level 45 rowlett, but they are not responding
  2. ok, I offered a shadow shinx, lmk if you want something else instead
  3. i listed every kind im offering, just pick one and i'll trade it to you
  4. offering SHINIES - drifloon pumpkaboo (average) shelmet teddiursa wurmple MYSTIC - blipbug drampa dreepy duraludon starly swablu METALIC - duraludon pikapek yungoos DARK - dreepy hoothoot starly yungoos NORMAL - luxray
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