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  1. H3Y i saw i will help you i am Jojojobany the world famous scammer tracker

  2. Well idk on my og account got (Banned) ign was Jojojobany back to the bug i used it and it worked
  3. you heard that you should add pikachu learning iron tail just like in the anime and that's all there is :l pls pls add it or pikachu will be sad for pikachus sake pls if not ash will b suprised and goh too
  4. it took 15 mins so dont say stupid replys
  5. i don't feel the modivation to play you should add little prizes when you play for a while like 5 minutes = 10 dollars in game and you can buy EXP and i think for newbies they should start with 500K and when its the anniversary they should give everyone a special event pokemon and every form too but you can't sell it and you can find events in the wild with a 00.3 chance and instead of adding events right now you should focus in gigantamax and dynamax pokemon because honestly we have been waiting for a year and another problem someone hacked my jojojobany account then when i tried to log
  6. ur just greedy u want everything ur way
  7. i dont even have a pikachu so i should have it not even a stupid spoink
  8. ign Jojojobany2 i have no rares pls giv it to me not even a stupid rattata
  9. Hello Welcome bladers i post beyblade related things


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