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  1. What is your IGN @redyellow123 I'd like shadow plipup and shadow snivy
  2. Hi, my name is Jakub and I need someone to train my nine munchlax's to 3 hearts. My pay at the end of the job is 2.7mill pds. Messege me in game. IGN Jakub_Spiewak
  3. I have dark Zamezenta, Shadow Kubfu (aka Shadow Kingz), (Shadow and Mystic Rayquaza (Mega), Dark Mewtwo (Mega X) and Mystic Entei. IGN Jakub_Spiewak
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the following pokemon: Metallic Mewtwo Shiny Mewtwo Shadow Rayquaza Zygarde(Complete) If you are trading these pokes then friend me. IGN Jakub_Spiewak P. S. Only interested In trades.
  5. Hi, is rayquaza still available??
  6. I have a shiny munchlax and shiny snorlax Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  7. Hi, what for Rayquaza Check my account Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  8. What for zacian, drstinilic, kartana, nercorma?? Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  9. Jakub_Spiewak


    Can I have it Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  10. Hi I want dark rayquaza? Check my acc for what you want Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  11. Hi, What for shadow rowlet and metallic rayquaza? Check my account and see what you like Ign Jakub_Spiewak
  12. What for mewtwo and mystic rayquaza?? IGN Jakub_Spiewak
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