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  1. You idiot! You just dont understand or read anything properly! in that thing which you mentioned "https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/22797-i-got-scammed/" the guy who raised the complaint meant to tell that he got scammed by another person and the person who scammed him traded with me! he didn't tell that i scammed him! this habit of yours make you fall in problems! even in our trade too u did the same mistake! misunderstanding by not reading it properly! for your mistake you are trying to make me get banned even by trying unfair means! you are lit
  2. i already reported and gave all my proofs and that shadow blacephalon thingy, did u see the name above it? there was no named i accidentally copied voltorb bb-8's value as it was above me and there's still something i would like to go talking about! u told me that u were gonna ban me as sentry told you my bro asked sentry and he told that u never talked to him abt our trade only and u start to sound fishy from that time! dude people like u r fishy not people like me
  3. Hi all! I am Ancientnecrozma! I made a guy friend named Jesterv786 @jesterv786. One day suddenly, He told me that he wanted to trade with me for my arceus (dragon)! I told ok for him and without knowing asked him to trade for his 4 ultra beasts! as value of arceus dragon was shown highest sold 9m i asked him to trade for his mystic guzzlord, xurkitree, naganadel and necrozma as i love ultra beasts! he then told me that it's not worth it and he told that he would trade if i sell the arceus dragon for 8m and he would give his ultra beasts if i get those 8m, but i told no and he to
  4. Actually the idea is good but it is not that valid as It has its own issues. If u use items and the exp doesn't change, then it would be the same guy who had top necrozma would also have the top dusk mane necrozma or top dawn wing necrozma or top ultra necrozma. So I hope that it is better to fuse them and let them reset the experience to 50,000 and level 100 and that's better. Also this event should have a little risk such as necrozma cuz of being a psuedo ultra beast be extinct and you can't catch them after the event so that it may be a challenge too! Thank you!!
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