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  1. @chansenyou get (gengar is with @StrikeFlame1, trade with him) @lsy_1997you get @Adi09 you get @shoomania you get @Nishkar you get (level 100) @tazzer you get @WinonaMarie you get @Me_Me you get @CandyCotton you get the main prize, please claim your prize through trade
  2. If by tomorow there are no more entries, I will close it.
  3. Hi... I am starting a giveaway. Pokemon for giveaway Azelf, Gengar, shadow pancham, dark rookidee, dark eevee, shadow sigilyph, metallic espurr, metallic foongus and mystic ekans Enter ign to join Sponsored by @StrikeFlame1
  4. just check my ign and choose which one you want
  5. what about my shadow eevee for your sylveon??
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