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  1. I have an Alcremie Love. I want 1 mb for it.

    1. blackpanther_17


      Even I have 1 alcermie(love)

      Sorry , Mbs is for shiny volcanion *ONLY*

    2. SofiX


      Ok. No worries.

  2. Hello guys If anyone has a can anyone trade it to me?Please for PDS or I can give a pokemon of 200k or 300k exp
  3. Hello Can i get or for my ???
  4. Bro i need a for that i will give my kygore and groudon , i have sent you friend request
  5. Hello ! I need a cosmog ASAP if anyone has please trade it to me Peace
  6. Ok bro i am ready to give you 500k pds Peace
  7. Ok bro i can give you 399k pds + A pokemon which u ask execpt my moltress , raqyaza and mewto i have sent u friend request Peace
  8. Hello to all the pokemon trainers I need an eternatus badly , so if anyone has an eternatus please trade with me , whatever you ask i will give Peace ✌✌✌✌✌
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