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  1. Ill give a shiny kyurem for the garitina
  2. The difference is latios is male latias is female
  3. also this isin't a latios its a latias (latios)----> (latias)------>
  4. Im goind to find a necrozma when i do will you trade me your deoxys for it?

  5. I can train exp better than you can probably cause i get a pokemon to level 100 in 20 min or so but i can try to help with the money
  6. im giving away a palkiato a random follower in 5 hours

  7. I dont have any mithicals but i have these
  8. (legends) (Starters) (mega) (X mega)
  9. i can give and (mega) for a garitina
  10. ill give swampert i can make it a mega if you want for sceptile
  11. anyone wanna buy one of these for 60k if your wondering why i need 60k its because I need 60k more to mega evolve the rayquaza i just caught




    1. Auke1993


      If you're asking anyone, why did you post it to my profile?

    2. oof09


      because there is alot of preople here to see my offer

    3. Auke1993


      I don't understand.
      What do you mean by 'here'? A status update gets you on the main page of the Forums too, I don't see the difference.
      If you mean you want to reach my Followers, then I'd prefer you to definitely not do it. My profile is not an advertising page for anyone that wants to sell Pokémon.

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