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  1. I saw u have a mega charizard X, ive listed my mega Y. I will be online like, idk, 10pm GMT tomorrow
  2. O hello! You just followed me. Thanks!

  3. exactly what the title says, and if you wanna offer, trade me.
  4. I dont have a pika, but i have a Pichu Notched
  5. Kk, start up the trade. Ill offer my Y. If you want to trade, anyway.
  6. Looking for Lycanroc Dusk Will give Lycanroc Midday
  7. This will probably break the game, but its a cool idea nevertheless First three pokemon in ur party Battle as normal, blah blah blahh Here comes the twist- you can only choose the move of ONE of your pokemon, while the others have a randomised choice. If its an online battle, you can choose which pokemon to fight with this is going to be interesting
  8. Notched or normal? Im grinding for both. If u accept, ill take the shadow mimikyu.
  9. Kk, thanks for the help. I’ll get it later.
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