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  1. Ign: Lucariolover happy birthday
  2. Can I give a latios and giratina for it cause I traded my PALKIA
  3. Hi I would like to know how to earn money faster cause I’m tryna save up but idk how to get money faster so pls help me

    1. Auke1993


      Something I do when I am on the maps is catch every level 6 Pokémon with an immunity.
      Using such level 6 immunity Pokémon against their respective training accounts gives pretty quick and easy money.
      Outside of that doing Sidequests can earn you good money too. It's only a small amount per battle, but the reward for clearing a region is big.

    2. lucariolover


      Thank you so much I really appreciate it

  4. I have 1 decidueye and darkrai
  5. Can I give a dark decidueye and porygon for riolu i really want another one
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