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    IGN: Eienryuu from quiz - 0 from trade -4
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    IGN: Eienryuu
  3. Answered

    I am interested in formula by which points for ranking are calculated! Is it known to public or no! and if its known by someone, can you tell me? i am interested in it and want to study it a bit.
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    IGN: Eienryuu 15
  5. General

    http://imgur.com/Lh9c0si somehow i could not upload image so will leave at it is
  6. it would force players who want to play game for fun to make useless posts just to participate in event! I like the game and the way how it plays but i am not big fan of posting in forum so usually don't do it! and i am not only one
  7. Report

    i got same as well
  8. ok shadow rotom will i take