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  1. Answered Regarding V4

    You will keep your account and pokemons and everything after transfer to v4, of course if you have not cheated in v3...
  2. Answered Top Pokemon List

    Seems you are missing something... If pokemons original trainer is banned, don't mean that pokemon is bad in any way... If player is banned and he had on HIS account any top ranked pokemon, then that pokemon is remowed from ranking... same time as he is banned... so if any top ranked pokemon has banned OT, that it may mean that pokemons OT traded that pokemon at some point of his play time and other player trained it top ranking position...
  3. Discussion What are your Vortex goals?

    Goals? 1st - complete pokedex (at this point, 5178 unique ones I have, made arrangement for 22 more) 2nd - get my melloetta to top 1 pokemon 3rd - Bypass VITOL and SmartAss in unique pokemon ranking
  4. Report Scammer: imran48

    forgot about him for some time, that player(imran48) texted me in discord and started to insult me, was not interested in him in the begining but if he wants it so much, so be it! Left some other players as well. those messages were exactly same
  5. Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

    IGN: Eienryuu Its sad that you leave
  6. Discussion What Tabs Do You Have Open Right Now?

    this tab, wuxiaworld, Legend of the Dragon King – Chapter 177, ESP: Chapter 121 – Bad Ending? (2), UTS Book 2, Chapter 14.3, ATG – Chapter 785, DE Book 24, Chapter 43, SR – Chapter 331, anidb May 2017, nyaa.si, HaremHeroesNSFW Pokemon vortex C4.5 machine learning History of Neural Networks KNIME wiki.pokemon-vortex That should be everything PS. AS i am at last part of study article! most(aprox. 7) of tabs with artificial neiron networks and Decision tree info are closed!
  7. Giveaway mrnxmndrgt Raffles #1

    IGN: Eienryuu
  8. Report Scammer: lol12345

    My poor luck to meet them so often!!!
  9. Giveaway i make giveaway brosis

    IGN: Eienryuu
  10. Events tons of DP's for trade! Looking for rotom dex set!

    no and never will be after last xmas
  11. Report Scammer: MEWTWO_ARMOR1

    Was playing on secret account just to have fun! and then Told him that i DONE it! For fun Then coppied message in the red about asking for password and changing email and then got this: After that told him that i am reporting him or he should send me promo code for Mewtwo (Armor), who knows maybe will send!
  12. Giveaway God's Never Ending Giveaway

    !claim Eienryuu Offer on any fossil
  13. Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

    IGN: Eienryuu