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  1. Have you put it up yet??
  2. Put the Kyogre for trade and i will offer
  3. I can offer Darkrai but he is only Lvl61
  4. I am looking for a water type on my team like Kyogre, look into my profile and see if you want anything from there that is good enough to trade for a kyogre
  5. What Lvl one you giving??The lvl100 or lvl64??
  6. Wich Lvl one?? The lvl100 or lvl64?? I can't find you user so i can't see if you have one
  7. Anyone want my Silvally I don't use and it really drags my team down, it is a Lvl100 and has Lvl3 happiness. Anyone with a good trade could get it mainly looking for a Rayquaza or anything thats good.
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