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  1. How much pds for and vivlion (pokeball) and pichu
  2. Hi want to talk to you what's your ign in vortex or talk to me on discord

    Discord I'd -Ayush kumar singh

    Vortex ign Ayushsingh6

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    2. Ayushsingh6


      Ok I am sending you a friend request in Pokemon vortex I will talk you there


    3. Auke1993


      I don't add people as friends on Pokémon Vortex unless I know them well.
      If you want a way to talk to me, I could give you an invite to my Discord server.

    4. Ayushsingh6


      Ok invite me to discord server



  3. Hello I have sent a scam report on forums about alpha003 when will it be seen. Will alpha003 be banned or not
  4. Actually I have traded with him once. So I thought him as trustworthy
  5. Hello @Patrickand @flamescape today alpha003 scammed I asked him to sell his kyreum (black) for 950k pds so I bidded 950k pds on his moon ball and now he is not replying me it has been about 2 hours. These are some proofs 1 2 3 4 I also bidded on his moon ball (proof) 5 Today alpha003 has seen the scam report and he has returned the kyreum (black)
  6. Just change your account password
  7. Hey reply 

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    2. Ayushsingh6
    3. V7xyz


      Dude there is no such rule that you can only get pikachu and ash s dp :/

    4. Nishkar


      Yes I know but I love it

  8. I am done offer my Arbork on pichu and I will accept the offer once you bid on auction (160k)
  9. Please accept my offer and bid on my pokéball shoomania
  10. Hello I Am doing exp and heart Training at good rates. 1heart = 80k pds 1exp =2 pds I also accept good Pokemon. Please reply below with how much exp or hearts you want to train. There are lots of Pokemon on trade so trade your Pokemon(which you want to train) with me and bid on my pokéball. You can also add me as a friend. IGN Ayushsingh6.
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