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  1. I have every starter so anyone who wants one will get one if they are subscribed to red_wolf_ I will trade for (notched) There are tons on route seventeen and they do not have to be level 100
  2. I got tons of starters ill trade for level 100 Pokémon or a Riolu or a legendary or UB
  3. Happy birthday abc511 

  4. Red wolf is awesome Any one who follows him will get a starter for a Pichu notched there are tons on route seventeen .

  5. If you want starters follow me i have unlimited

  6. Just give away anything you do not want or if you feel generous something powerful ,at a high level or useful

  7. I am willing to trade a talon flame663

  8. I need a mew two can I have one I will trade for a Mega X Charizard 

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