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  1. I just put almost all of my pokemon up for trade (excluding the ones in my goal). so if u want any just offer up or we can talk here
  2. I have Put basically all of my pokemon up for trade (excluding the ones in my goals) if u want to offer either just offer it or u can tell me here first. thx
  3. this is my new goal:


    1) get all the pikachus:

    pikachupikachu (belle)pikachu (libre)pikachu (halloween)pikachu (Ph. D.)pikachu (pop star)pikachu (rock star)pikachu (christmas)pikachu (jedi)

    2) get all of the arceuses:

    arceusarceus (grass)arceus (water)arceus (electric)arceus (rock)arceus (fighting)arceus (dark)arceus (ice)arceus (steel)arceus (dragon)arceus (fairy)arceus (unknown)


    3) also get these pokemon:

    shiny mewtwo (armor)shiny zeraorashiny meloetta (aria)shadow amauratyrunttirtougashiny celebishiny victinishiny dratinilicshiny mewshadow meltanshadow lucarioshadow celebishadow victini


    4) 50,000,000 exp


    Pokemon that I still need:

    arceus (fairy)arceus (unknown)pikachu (jedi)shiny zeraorashiny meloetta (aria)shadow amauratirtouga


  4. i was also just wondering how much a darkrown avatar is worth, thx
  5. i know this is rlly random but i was just wondering how much u reckon a darkrown avatar is worth
  6. also looking for cover fossil so msg me in game if u have one, ign - flyingfinn
  7. how much is shadow xerneas neutral promo code worth?
  8. looking for cover fossil, i will pay 6 mil
  9. how much is it worth then, i just want to know bcos i plan on buying one, if anyone has one i will buy it for a fair price
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