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  1. the necrozma is up for trade, make your offer. also can i have my riolu back plz, i will pay u 100k as it is on 2 hearts
  2. deal if you add a zygarde partial
  3. Are you alive? I need the Necro.

  4. u don't have a mystic lucario and also u don't rlly have anything that would be a fair trade for me
  5. what is your ign so i can see some other pokes that u have
  6. so do u still want the trade or no
  7. yeah but u would have to add something else because that is not a fair trade
  8. Can I get the Necro? Please look into my profile and tell me what you want.

  9. i am not rlly needing that rn but i will do it if u add in your or your
  10. sorry but i already have that, btw anyone can offer whenever they like so if u want to u don't have to ask. but it has to be a fair deal.
  11. I will have a Mettalic Kartana in a sec. Can you offer Necrozma+legendary/event?

  12. I have listed for trade. make any offer you want and i will accept the first one that i think is a fair deal. (i am mainly looking for pokes listed below so if u add them i will be more likely to accept) pokes that i want:,,(if u give me zeraora i will add in solgaleo),,,,,. msg me in game if u want to trade or just tell me on this forum. btw ign: flyingfinn
  13. deal but i want metallic snorlax rather than the two mews
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