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  1. Instead of seasonals how about tournaments players battle each other for pokedollars or pokemon (your choice developers) rules are no events or ultra beasts because so people don't have any but this was just idea that came to mind
  2. If it's alright can I have the snorlax and why does the slyveon say it's by brendon47? I accepted the trade from you
  3. red_wolf_ won the contest congrats I already traded with him though
  4. My ign is - jamorant I lowkey want that lucario so bad
  5. I will give a a genesect (ice) and a meltan for the shiny umbreon I will also give pds My ign is - jamorant
  6. Thank you message me when you are ready to give the necrozma and gg @flyingfinn
  7. I also just got a kyreum (white) and red_wolf_ it's zeraora
  8. Are you interested in any of my stuff I really want a necrozma after I failed to get one yesterday :C
  9. Ok I have a problem in auctions when people bid like right after you bid and you want overtake he or she the auction say's "error: your going to fast" which makes me a little angry because I loose valuable auctions because of it please fix.
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