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  1. I think the Arceus color should be updated to something else because if you compare the Arceus (Electric) Shiny to Arceus (shiny) there both the same if you rename The normal Arceus (shiny) to Arceus (Electric) it would be possible to scam someone.
  2. I just love helping people out on forums while listening to my favorite songs 

    1. Dqrk


      I only help my friend and people who is new to the game

  3. Yea just like what @Tritre events will show up on the dashboard if you go to this link https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Events it will show you when PAST not current events started hope we helped you with this problem. Have a nice day
  4. ign-jamorant thank you for this giveaway I hope there is more to come
  5. Guys try not to forget that this is a poll not a place to hurt people and argue
  6. but what about the one hit ground types
  7. Dark,shiny,mettalic Bronzong,Magneton atleast 3 paralyzing electric moves,fairy pokemon Zacian just some fairy type moves dark and shadow variants,Dark victini,Dark or mystic eternatus,Normal or Dark necrozma
  8. imagine jayden<3 ayakamoonlight
  9. I think now were getting a lot more off track from the real topic I'll take my leave now
  10. cant tell these days so dont blame me lmao
  11. exactly dude didnt even need to talk
  12. nobody was even talking to you in the first place you just wanted to bring yourself over here to protect your "precious girl"
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