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  1. Discussion General Chit-Chat Thread

    Hello guys. How is everyone doing ?
  2. Yo man. How is it going ? Global Moderator uh :D Nice. ARe you playing the game or just active in the forums ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LTABRO_adhi


      Been little busy man. I messaged you in skype. Still not using it ? b/w, how are things going on ?

    3. Uncle_Psychic


      mate I sent you an email and a message on skype,you havent seen either -.- 

    4. LTABRO_adhi
  3. Hello there ! Long time. How are you ? ;p

    1. leander4


      I̶'̶m̶ ̶G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶H̶o̶w̶ ̶B̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶Y̶o̶u̶?̶

    2. LTABRO_adhi


      I am fine, Mr.President 

    3. leander4
  4. Multi-Platform Name the game that left a permanent mark on you

    Prince Of Persia trilogy
  5. TV / Movies Favourite Animated Shows

    One piece Death Note DBZ
  6. Music Who is your favorite singer?

    Taylor Swift Eminem Sonu Nigam SPB in no particular order.
  7. Global Mod ? When did that happen ? Congrats ! This site looks so good now. 

    1. LTABRO_adhi


      And Happy Birthday by the way ! Have a great year ahead.

    2. Uncle_Psychic


      y dont you reply on skype?I've missed you dude :( 

  8. Sports Cricket

    I don't think so. lol Between Asia cup in 9 days. I think finals will be India vs Bangladesh. Bangladesh in Bangladesh is dangerous.
  9. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    Hey all. I played v2 actively for around 15 months maybe. Had a great time there. Was TT and my best rank was TT 39. I normally stayed in TT 40's. Always played solo. More than playing, I loved forums. I signed up to forums sometime during August 2012. And the first giveaway I won was 878 mill in kunny's kontest. Was very lucky. There after, I remained in forums till the forum died. Was in some great clans in v2. One of them was Rebellion and eventually it was closed and opened and closed again. Another was Team Rocket. Stayed there until had some arguments with few members there. Eventually the clan was deleted by admins. Later, I was never active in forums. Made some good friends and had a great time. Had fun trading and training in v2. While I was leaving, made lot of giveaways and gave away my pokemons in here and in fb groups. And yeah, I spammed my way to be in top 5 posters in v2. lol. ( Few of us were spamming a lot in general discussions to increase our post count. God knows why. Sean was one of them. Even he came into top 5 I think lol ) I think I was in 2nd place in the end and onil or someone was in 1st. I don't remember properly. I was about to become 1st in a weeks time. But all the posts for all the members were reset by admins during that point. Shows how active I was lol. Played v3 for about 10 days and was in TT list. But, never played later due to busy schedule. I will be on and off here.