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  1. I just checked that my money was stolen and I paid 15 million for an ultraball, so I saw who owns that Ultraball and it belongs to the user ID: 2495048. Varify on his account and he has a lot of pokemons, he has my arceus (dragon). I report that account that they give me everything back and hack that account that stole everything. The profile of the one who stole my Pokemon: ID: 2495048. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MCNN1PL28X9xiXiJy9_I95OmdUPMAwaG/view?usp=sharing My other Pokemon were sent from this account "2495048" to t
  2. Hi administrators, I am Kevin, Peruvian player, owner of the account "solovino", I want to report a theft of my Pokémon. A friend contacted me because he received a message from my account with a rude word and he wrote to me by mesenger, asking why I had written that to him. It is when I entered my account to verify and saw that everything had been stolen from me and I had some of my pokemon in trade for 10 hours, which would be 10 pm in Peru more less (20/02/2021). I would like you to verify who stole my Pokémon and if it is possible to recover them all. I
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