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  1. Yeah, he is exactly right. Plus, if u wanted to live-battle a certain trainer, and they weren't there, you wouldnt like it. PLus, most people are on the maps hunting for some pokemon, and dont want to be disturbed.
  2. can someone give me zygarde complete pls? im ready to give lunala and raquaza mega for it


    1. silverstar2202


      Zygarde complete was an event so it makes it more valuable then both of them two pokes 

    2. Alpha003
  3. i want you to train myand both of them to 3 hearts i will give you a aerodactylite i will give you a slobrownite
  4. I looked trough you pokes and none of them intrested me sorry
  5. I want volcanion missingno and dark deoxys defence
  6. Yes you have to finish the region to unlock the pokemon and if you reset you will not get the alolan or pokemon but you will get the galar ones
  7. Looking for Hope you give good pokemon so i can accept the trade also I will accept mystery boxes and money also.
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