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  1. kk good to know i will see what i can do
  2. no i just got bombarded with people so i was talking to people i was doing at the moment since they are my clients,i can try to get 2mil but it will take like a week
  3. sure thing but right now i have a client so it might take around 30 minutes or 1 hour before my next availability
  4. kk thanks for picking me!
  5. none of my are but i can try!
  6. hello! i am doing training for your pokemon,but at the moment the training is free! (closed,with a client) there are some things i need to say though 1)no spamming,i am starting out so it will take time 2)one person at a time,it will help getting through clients faster 3)once there is a price,it will not be negotiable ,so no special offers for certain people but maybe on holidays DISCLAIMER:certain pokemon like meltan will not be excepted since it might take days or maybe weeks on end of non stop pd grinding to buy candies from the au
  7. what can i offer for pikachu pop star
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