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  1. IGN - Akhi45763 You are very generous, Thank you
  2. You are really generous, I dont care if i win but just make someone happy IGN - Akhi45763
  3. Thanks @tazzer Just saw your message sorry
  4. So, I have been grinding away at the gyms and special battles but when I have finished all the gyms and special battles and checked my profile there is a missing badge in the special battles section and when I checked everybody has a badge missing,is it a glitch or something.
  5. Hi there, what do you want from me for your
  6. So I've been searching for ultra beasts all over vortex and I have not come across even one. So does that mean do we have complete all gyms and leugue battles to get these pokemon.
  7. I would use this team This team got me through a lot of battles I love these pokemon I do not known if this is a coincidence but all of them are male
  8. Akhi45763

    Legendaries _

    You can give me anything for level 50 level 21 and level 64
  9. oh sorry for disturbing you I just wanted to trade and I am extremely sorry if you want I can give you these pokemon for free no solgaleo for me
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