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  1. can you hunt for me a shiny charmander and a shiny froakie hmu in game, IGN=Red_Viper
  2. i cant find you on discord could you dm me in game?
  3. can you look for shiny charmander, shiny squirtle, and shiny bulbasaur for me IGN: Red_Viper Discord: Excalibur#9688
  4. how much for shiny mewtwo, shiny kyogre, and shiny groudon
  5. Im Lookin for a shiny rayquaza and shiny kyogre/groudon IGN: Red_Viper Discord:Excalibur#9688
  6. Im Looking for a 2 shiny charmanders hmu in game my user is Red_Viper or dm me here
  7. what do you want for shiny mewtwo, shiny latias, shiny latios, and shiny deoxys IGN: Red_Viper
  8. whatcha want for Shadow Belle ign is same as here
  9. Whatcha want for shiny rayquaza IGN: Red_Viper
  10. if you're down to hunt a shiny groudon or shiny kyogre hmu in game or on Discord. IGN is the same as here
  11. Kyurem (Black) Raffle Info/ Rules 50,000 per slot Live drawings will be held on __/__/__ at __:__ PDT in the Death Dealerz server Payment will be paid beforehand Comment down below your IGN, Discord Username, and how many slots you would like to purchase I will DM you to confirm and receive payment No complaining and saying the raffle is rigged since it is drawn live Slots 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  12. - Welcome to Red_Viper's Shiny Trade Shop - Rules - Comment down below your offer, In Game Name, and Discord username (Optional) -All low ball offers will be ignored -No arguing about the price since I get all prices from the VortexBot (Negotiating is welcome) Non-Legendaries Legendaries Looking For
  13. LF & my offer is 3-4 unique leggies EACH
  14. shiny tapu fini plz Ign: Red_Viper Ill pay $$$ and ill maybe throw in some unqiue leggies also if you decided to do this hunt plz name it Curse of the Sea and I'll throw on an ectra 20k for the nickname
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