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  1. Red_Viper

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    LF & my offer is 3-4 unique leggies EACH
  2. Red_Viper

    Discussion Pokebay and Trade Rates

    lowest was 25k but common pokemon dont even sell the perfect answer to this question!
  3. Red_Viper

    Discussion Pokebay and Trade Rates

    sports that why i posted on the top that all the prices are based on my opinion
  4. All of these prices are based on what I think their prices are. If you have any advice or you think that something is wrong, feel free to comment below! Pokebay Items Trades Shout Out
  5. Red_Viper

    Other Red_Viper's Pokemon Hunts

    nope why
  6. Red_Viper

    Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    shiny tapu fini plz Ign: Red_Viper Ill pay $$$ and ill maybe throw in some unqiue leggies also if you decided to do this hunt plz name it Curse of the Sea and I'll throw on an ectra 20k for the nickname
  7. ign: Red_Viper you da true mvp
  8. Current Hunt: Previous Hunts: Rules: 1. Please don't pressure me to finish 2. I only search for unique Legendaries and Commons , I don't search for Ultra Beasts and fossils Format: IGN Pokemon you want me to search for Offer
  9. Red_Viper

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Plz find for 2 or 3 unique legys (btw this is shiny not normal)
  10. Red_Viper

    Universal TRADES

    sure pm me ign and tell me your offer my ign is same as here Red_Viper
  11. Red_Viper

    Universal TRADES

    ima need at least 4 to 5 more shiny starters and mewtwo will be all yours
  12. Red_Viper

    Universal TRADES

    sure pm me in the game
  13. Red_Viper

    Universal TRADES

    i dunno depending on what you want
  14. Red_Viper

    Universal TRADES