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  1. Current Hunt: Previous Hunts: Rules: 1. Please don't pressure me to finish 2. I only search for unique Legendaries and Commons , I don't search for Ultra Beasts and fossils Format: IGN Pokemon you want me to search for Offer
  2. Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Plz find for 2 or 3 unique legys (btw this is shiny not normal)
  3. Universal TRADES

    sure pm me ign and tell me your offer my ign is same as here Red_Viper
  4. Universal TRADES

    ima need at least 4 to 5 more shiny starters and mewtwo will be all yours
  5. Universal TRADES

    sure pm me in the game
  6. Universal TRADES

    i dunno depending on what you want
  7. Universal TRADES

  8. Universal TRADES

    no thxs i want shiny legys that I like
  9. Universal TRADES

  10. Universal TRADES

    I have shadow cosmogs and a bunch of xmas events and vivillon pokeball
  11. Universal TRADES

    sorry i only do event for event plus i already have rayqaza and arecus shiny mewtwo Y? i have events and unique shinx? or just regualr no i already have one
  12. Universal TRADES

    Type your offers in the comment section below I'm mostly looking for Shiny starters Rates: 1 Legendary = 2 Shiny Starters or 4 Shiny Pokemon 1 Unique legendary = 8 Shiny Starters or 14 Shiny Pokemon 1 Event = 4 -5 Shiny Legendaries 1 Fossil = 3-4 Unique Legendaries l l l v
  13. Giveaway Small Legendary Giveaway

  14. Contest Guess the Prize!

    shadow latias mega