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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add notifciations whenever you receive bids or won an auction. Also possibly if you won something from the loterry. (I haven't ever won something from it so correct me if there's already a thing to notify the winners, other than the last week winners list) I don't know if this will be experienced as spam by some players (if you have loads of auctions pending), so maybe add an option to turn certain notifciations on or off? Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm sorry, kyogre primal is not for sale, the pokemon listed as up for trade are available.
  3. Sure, please send me an offer.
  4. IGN is facee, I edited my original post.
  5. Hello, I'm interested in Mystic Mew, Metallic Ho-oh, Shiny Tornadus and Mystic Kyogre, are these available? Please offer them to any of my pokemon up for trade.
  6. Thanks for the replies, helps a lot!
  7. Hello! Recently started playing the game again, it was possible to buy master balls in the previous version of pokemon vortex in the pokemart (If I remember correctly) and I noticed that they are no longer available there. I already found out that they're available trough pokebay now, is it however possible to get them any other way? maybe trough sidequests and if so, how regularly do you encounter them? Thank you!
  8. Hello all, I played this game about 5 years a go with the intention to capture all legendaries, I however quit the game. Now 5 year later after coming accros the new V5 update I would like to continue this goal. I noticed that, because my (legendary) pokemons were offered 5 years go, they don't get the attention they "deserve". (And there are too many to re-offer) WIth this post I would like to invite you to check my offers and trade with me if interested. (remember, i'm only interested in legendaries) Thank you. P.s. I'm new to the forums and don't know if I'm supposed to ask
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