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  1. I IGN-blood7411 Hope you have a great life buddy
  2. Ign-blood7411 hope i win and thnx for helping others
  3. Hey I will sponser your giveaway with a 75k PD I am also joining by the way IGN:Blood7411
  4. Resutls are in and the winners are 1. Noivern goes to @shubh6 2.Bannette goes to @dades 3.glaceon goes to @MonsterSerg 4.celebi goes to @rms701 5.blaziken goes to @greninjarunner31 Congrats to winners and will soon host another Giveaway!!!
  5. Ok Guys Registration is over I will anounce results in 2 more hours
  6. Hey guys there is only around 5 hours for givewaways registiration If anyone else wants to participate pls post you r username now It is optional if you have to follow my account Stay safe Everyone :3
  7. Hey guys decided to add 2 more pokes to giveaway! 1.celebi 2.Blaziken have a great day
  8. Hey guys giving away a few pokemon and they are- 1.Noivern 2.Bannette 3.Glaceon 4.Celebi 5.Blaziken The rules are follow my PV account and my PV forums account Thank you for everyone who followed my account. Announcing results on 20th of July Last registeration day is 19th of July
  9. IGn-blood7411 pls come back iweimax0524
  10. Ign- Blood7411 nice giveaway
  11. IGN- Blood7411 Hopefully i win I love ultra beasts :)
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