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  1. I mean the fractional probability of encountering a certain rarity of Pokemon. I'm guessing it's 0.01 for rare, 0.001 for legendary, 0.0001 for UB. But I'd like for someone to confirm. The spawn rate page in the wiki is not loading for some reason.
  2. Thanks for answering! People usually don't read the several pages of TOS, as I did not.
  3. I see that autoclickers are not allowed for battling, which makes perfect sense. It will be bad for people grinding exp. But am I allowed to use an autoswiper to move in circles in grass? Because it takes 700 encounters on an average to encounter a legendary Pokemon, even more for UBs. Rest assured the battling and catching will be done manually.
  4. A screenshot would be helpful. Master ball doesn't fail, except on Ultra Beasts and Necrozma.
  5. When a Pokemon is put to sleep, the turn activity of the target is not shown in the box. All it says is that the user Pokemon used a sleep move and the target Pokemon is asleep. This should be fixed to show both the target Pokemon being put to sleep and the move the target Pokemon used.
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