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  1. add me in game im offering pds and more
  2. commons,rares,uniques-x2 (check my pokemons for more ign same as forum) legendary- looking for the following-events and pds (also note all my shinies are for trade except shiny lycanroc)
  3. ill give 1 mil pds, a , and anything else from my acc ign-nysa123
  4. how many pds for ultra beasts?
  5. updateee and eevee is now only available for pds cause ppl offer then dont reply and eevee is gone
  6. least i can do is 250k to 300k
  7. rowlet works ill put it up and freind me i sent you a req i wanna say smt 1st
  8. they asked first ill need to see
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