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  1. Hi, I am selling a and a avatar each avatar is for 200k.I f you want plz contact me. Thank You Regards Freaky_Imp
  2. Plz I want and I can give you (Ice) and
  3. Hi friends I am selling Salamance and Hydreigon avatar if you want then plz contact me. Regards Freaky_Imp Thank you
  4. You can buy in pokebay

  5. I have a pokemon also i selling a fire pokemon, it is mlotresPokemon Tcg GIF by Pokémon red once

    1. Freaky_Imp


      Can you give me moltresMoltres

    2. Pikachu0705


      Yes, i can. You can buy in pokebay

  6. Hi friends XxN1CKxX is a scammer he took all my pokedollaras he told me that I have 12 mystery boxes do you want I told him yes then he told I will trade all mystery boxes to you then I said ok and I told him that you take all my money and give me all mystery boxes then he told me that I will put a great ball auction then you bud all money on it I bidded and I saw his trade nothing was there. I am a little bit new on Pokémon Vortex so that's why I didn't know that we can't trade mystery boxes
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