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  1. Some Pokemon in Gen 4 are evolved from Pokemon in Gen 2 (e.g. Murkrow, a Gen 2 Pokemon, evolves into a Honckrow, a Gen 4 Pokemon.) Hope this answers your question!
  2. Since Ruby123654 and U6789 are not battling anymore, they're out of the tour. Okay @1gladion. Im also going to register.
  3. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ubers-1432616475 https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1432618798 I won two consecutive battles. Yay
  4. Nope. Also he's offline i think so u can fight me. Im bored
  5. Hey fight me on showodowon now now now

    Ign in showodowon is ThuderBolt


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    2. kentot1216
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      @Glazio dude ruby123654 (your opponent) is out. Im your opponent.

      Online 10am to 9pm in ph

    4. kentot1216
  6. You arent registered in the tourney. Registrations are also closed Im aslo bored, pls someone fight me.
  7. I overslept, im sorry. Anyway, the first battle should start. Glhf
  8. Uhh so here it is (ofc there should be this in a tour) 1st round Ruby123654 vs. Glazio Fluffyz vs. inteleon Es_death vs. RITHVIK7585 U6789 vs. Ade50 The remaining contestants will advance to the second round (semifinals) then to the third round (finale). Glhf everyone! :DDDD Yikes!!! I almost forgor! When you're done battling each other send a replay here in this thread.
  9. And welp, because there are 8 players registered, we'll start tomorrow to get ready for your teams. We'll start at 9pm in the US. After this tourney, you can battle me anytime! You'll recieve nothing, but its just for fun.
  10. Forgor to mention one thing: this is Gen 8 Ubers that were talking about. Mega Pokemon and Greninja are banned and do not exist in Gen 8.
  11. As I said, it will be in Ubers, not Mix and Mega. (also your team is so unviable)
  12. Reminder: this isnt randbats! In the ubers tier, you must make a team. Legends are allowed
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