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  1. Oh? In LC, whatever you do, your team's a Lv. 5.
  2. Dude, FFehhho's at it again!!!!! Oh, ****

  3. Hi, guys! Today I'm hosting a Showdown contest. The winner of this contest will receive a "smol" legendary: The rules are simple: -Must set your current format to Little Cup (LC). Little Cup is a format where baby (unevolved) Pokemon battle. Teambuilding is needed to compete. -All Pokemon in your LC team must be Lv. 5 -16 players needed to start the competition. If you don't know what Pokemon Showdown is, it has nothing to do with Pokemon Vortex. This contest is only for fun. Good luck Competitors (edited 6/23/2021): jeffpig red_wolf_ HyperPanther Nishkar veerkv shoomania That1Dragonarian
  4. Why are there few people joining this contest?
  5. I just caught...... a Munchlax! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X4KZETC0Vt1SsywQNqNuea13KdFabbyx/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. Drops are prizes that you earn by completing a region on the Sidequests, or by winning an event.
  7. FFehhho's profile pic kinda sus XD

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      you commented on ffehho's profile 

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      ah yes now his pic is more than sus

  8. Hey! check out my trade thread



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      New ign: kentot1239

    3. kentot1216


      i still use my old account though.


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      lets trade

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