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  1. so I made a post that was for Exp Training(Low Prices) And For Some Reason I Could Not Find It On My Profile. So here it is:

    (I changed it a little bit because I don't remember exactly what i wrote on the post)

    5-10 Levels: 1 Pokemon

    15-20 Levels: 2 Pokemon

    25-30 Levels: 3 Pokemon

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. red_wolf_


      Alright then what for 50 levels

    3. EeveeInnit


      25 level Pokemon

      5 of them

    4. red_wolf_
  2. This giveaway already ended. But I will do another giveaway today.
  3. The giveaway already ended. But I will do another giveaway today.
  4. For the winners of theCharizardand theShiny Toxtricity (Low Key)

    I was waiting for you to come pick up your prizes but then I noticed they were not on trade...sorry about that. Can you please come get your giveaway prizes?(Same with the winners of the 4 Winner Giveaway)

  5. Here Are The Winners: 1st place: Auke1993 2nd Place: foodviro 3rd Place: SAMUEL.D.S 4th Place: lsy_1997 Look out for more giveaways!
  6. 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd 4th comment your ign to enter this giveaway!
  7. StrikeFlame1 is the winner for this giveaway 4 winners for next giveaway...coming tomorrow
  8. kentot1239 Won This Giveaway, Another Giveaway tomorrow for
  9. Pls Enter Your ign To Enter The Giveaway
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