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  1. Congratulations and thank you for this giveaway. My ign is TanishkGupta01
  2. Trading/Selling a barbaracle (grievous) set (the entire set, no individual barbs unless there's massive overpay)
    List down your offers below or contact me in-game at TanishkGupta01 or on discord (Jon Snow#7439)

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    2. TanishkGupta01


      oh geez! you probably don't know the rates bud. arceus dragon is around 2M pds. even the normal variant of grievous is over 3M. "some of them" would be worth over a 100 mills. the entire set is worth over 200M pds.

    3. SAMUEL.D.S


      no bro, i see arceus dragon pokebay mostly about 6m average
      and im not asking for the whole set+i dont think its 200m thats overpriced

    4. TanishkGupta01


      Those are the promos man and none of them at 6+ mills get any bids whatsoever. as for the barbaracles, check on pokebay what a unique is worth. you dont expect me to give you even one for a dragon haha, let alone "some of them".

      p.s I already have a few dragons. just tryna help you with the rates, thats all. I assume youre new here 

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