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  1. sych

    1. StrikeFlame1


      hope everybody's had a great summer so far

    2. kaylee000


      did u get the metallic ash greninja I’m confused what happened

    3. kaylee000


      I offered metallic ash greninja on that gligar I hope thats a trash mon

  2. so much lagging now.....change of plans anyway

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    2. StrikeFlame1


      every day i have to say: it's gone i traded it



      who did u trade it to??????????????????????i want itttttttttttttttttttttttt

    4. red_wolf_


      Lol i have one

  3. please strike

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    2. veerkv


      we know you are here.

    3. veerkv


      i didn't mean to do this...

    4. veerkv


      if ur here please come and play with us, code is 2fauw3htt0

  4. I know this is a hard time with friends leaving coronivirus in the air....... people have left like Ashworld and others......... we must move on........i am sorry to say that i am leaving pokemon vortex due to lack of time...........i might return when i have time........but i may not be returning ever...............goodbye

  5. what do you mean by "only trusted people" and btw i can train them.......just not shiny sylveon..........
  6. mesooprohaha (my friend) [has no forum account] bought 2 armored mewtwo 1 shadow and 1 shiny doing everything correctly...... He was trading one to me for some pokes and today the promo i wanted to trade for dissapeared. for all i know he didn't claim it or sell it........it just simply dissapeared. for 1 thing i think someone hacked him because he didn't do anything to it and don't accuse me , i didn't even know the code according to things something might have either glitched or someone hacked inside his acc and claimed the promo on his account.......... he now says it's a waste of $20
  7. hi LordZeus21 would you tell me how much exp? and Shafeer022 sure 175k pls
  8. selling some cheap stuff to hearten up players including: Arceus (water)Landorus (therian)SolgaleoLunalaMystic Rayquaza (mega)Thundurus (therian)and some items..... This May be a hard time for us all but we must get past it

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    2. StrikeFlame1


      bid on them, their on auction

    3. chansen


      i want Thundurus (therian)and Landorus (therian)

    4. StrikeFlame1


      bid on them, their on auction

  9. or just: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/
  10. top corner really small you see: Play, Pokedex, Wiki and service status
  11. go to the top and click: pokedex and it'll show you pokemon numbers, just click on the poke
  12. i can train in 30 min-1hour (if i don't stop
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