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  1. My only problem is pokemon that can 1 shot, that wouldn't be fun to always be one shotted?
  2. PokeShop Trading Pokemon 


    Rares- Pichu 2x172MS.png  Mudkip 258MS.pngPiplup 393MS.pngFeebas 6x349MS.pngTurtwig 387MS.png5x Normal 1x Dark 1x Mystic and 1x Mettalic Golisopod768MS.png 1x Fennekin 653MS.png

    Legendaries- Mystic Groudon (Primal) with 1mil exp 383MS.png, Dark,Mettalic and Normal Mew 151MS.png, Shiny and Mettalic Meltan 808MS.png, Kubfu 891MS.png, Shiny Celebi 251MS.png, Shadow Shaymin (Fly)492MS.png, 2x Normal Arceus 493MS.png

    Events- Pikachu (Belle) (Libre) and (Rock Star) 025MS.png, Pichu (Christmas) 172MS.png, Arceus (Dark), (Ice) and (Fighting) 493MS.png, Scrafty (Ackbar) 560MS.png, Thundurus (Therian) and Tornadus (Therian), 641MS.pngand 642MS.png. Keldeo (Resolute) 647MS.png, Dark and Normal Greninja (Ash) 658MS.png, Mystic Barbaracle (Grievous) 689MS.png, Magerena 801MS.png, and Volcanion 721MS.png,

    Ub- Blacephalon 806MS.png


    Looking for Premium's, Promo codes and Jedi Pikachu.


    Also Make a direct offer for pokemon if you want it



  3. Trading For Meltan Candy and other things. 

    1. silverstar2202


      What you trading

    2. Koomba


      Events, check my Ign Koomba. You can check my trades or look at my pokemon. btw I have the barnacle or Primal Groudon

  4. hello

    add me ign:RICO_ACE we can trade pokemon if you want

    1. Koomba



  5. This is impossible, I guess I'll trade crazy pokes to get the new event pokemon

  6. My Ign is Koomba what for the pichu (Christmas) or Cubone (Vader)?
  7. Does anyone have a shiny,mystic,dark or mettalic Munchlax. I'm willing to give up some legenaries. Also my vortex name is Koomba
  8. Hello does anyone have a necromanzer, I will give up 5 legendaries for one.
  9. Giving 5 legends for 1 ub. My username is Koomba let me know the trade.
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