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  1. Trading For Meltan Candy and other things. 

    1. silverstar2202


      What you trading

    2. Koomba


      Events, check my Ign Koomba. You can check my trades or look at my pokemon. btw I have the barnacle or Primal Groudon

  2. hello

    add me ign:RICO_ACE we can trade pokemon if you want

    1. Koomba



  3. This is impossible, I guess I'll trade crazy pokes to get the new event pokemon

  4. My Ign is Koomba what for the pichu (Christmas) or Cubone (Vader)?
  5. Does anyone have a shiny,mystic,dark or mettalic Munchlax. I'm willing to give up some legenaries. Also my vortex name is Koomba
  6. Hello does anyone have a necromanzer, I will give up 5 legendaries for one.
  7. Giving 5 legends for 1 ub. My username is Koomba let me know the trade.
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