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  1. Giveaway

    why everybody puts All global rules apply. in their rules? Do you think that if you don't put it the rules won't have effect? ign VITOL :3
  2. @ferradorandre u won a Cosmog:0 put smth uft and tell me
  3. he didn't one-up he just trillion-up
  4. Legendaries

    i added a lot of new legs, like 20 or more mine? no
  5. yes, i was just joking
  6. offered
  7. My (happiness) is uft waiting for 250K EXP offer
  8. nor in the online member list VITOL [PV] Battle | Message | View Trades Smixor Battle | Message | View Trades Pheonix_Lancing [IMP] Battle | Message | View Trades
  9. @baddream u won a ! pls put something uft and notice me
  10. @maliha! u won a ! pls put something uft and inform me
  11. @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy u won a ! pls put something uft and inform me
  12. OK my + + 5 legendaries for ur orororor also trading my not banned OT for ur orororor
  13. my + for ur