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  1. Thanks again for your hard and generously work bro u r a prototype for all of us
  2. He is talking about agreements with friends. In theory should be like a private money-object trade
  3. bros now im getting moar Cosmog so i can give them away more often but i need moar participants pls U can participate more than once rimemba
  4. i need solgaleo i will give u virizion

  5. yo posted in ga cosmog thread plz cosmog ty

  6. Contragulations u won a ! Pls offer ur most hated poke to my in my trade list
  7. that's not a give away this is a lottery where u win 100mil for 12 boxes lol
  8. cgz bro u won a ! pls offer ur most hated pokemon to ma uft
  9. @VITOL can I have Cosmog entered your giveaway

  10. I waited patiently for 7 years to be fixed but today this patience came down. If u click pokebay and then some tab before the javascript finishes entery loading it came stuck loading foreva and u have to refresh the page and then wait patiently again. It happens in Firefox and Chrome dunno the rest. I broke two keyboards already due to frustration. Halp.
  11. my orfor your orororor
  12. my Metallic Naganadel for ur Metallic Poipole pls
  13. Cgz @badman99 u won a! Please offer ur most hated poke to my UFT
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