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  1. Universal

    February :V
  2. Since u r close to blackbeardt


    So I'm sending u some 100 lvl pokes which r now left. 

    It will increase ur points.


    Plz beat black xD

    1. demonstriker


      35 lvl 100 pokes offered with some xp pokes too. 

    2. VITOL


      tyvm human but i feel like he's working in other account and whenever i came near to him he will say lol good try and gain 1m points trading something to himself xD 

      but i'll try at least for u :( 

    3. demonstriker


      Remember word impossible says itself I'm possible xD

  3. Giveaway

    can u return it to me then pls to Alomomola uft
  4. Giveaway

    yeh u gonna regret for sure vitol
  5. Legendaries

    min 200K per poke done human sorry i slept twice
  6. Legendaries

    ok pls put it uft and tell me yo IGN. i´ll probably go to sleep before the offer
  7. Legendaries

    ok let me check ur pokemon/s Hard decision. Those rays... OT of the lileep? do u have metallic lileep/shiny anoriz?
  8. Giveaway

    vitol thanks
  9. Universal

    i already told u three
  10. Universal

    lol do u rly want to make me spend half of my life checking that
  11. Universal

    Well if u want i can offer u the legs that have OT from me and my accounts :V
  12. vitol freind i need to talk

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rishivojjala014-2


      oh i didnt know that :( how do we participate in his giveaway -any clue ?

    3. eurstin


      Easy with the hostility Mr. Heat :/ 

  13. Events

    i offered a
  14. Universal

    shadow unowns: A, B, C, D, E, EX, F, G, H, I, J, K to lvl 100 for ?