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  1. OK u can't bid twice in 10 seconds but these 10 seconds countdown resets if u click in bid even if it fails miserably bcos this same restriction so u can click on bid during ur whole life in intervals of 5 seconds and never being able to bid again
  2. @ShinyChamp123 u won a ! Pls offer ur hatest poke to ma uft
  3. Please make it a bit longer or leave places without timeout like it was in maps before because it's kind of annoying to click-fail-logout-login everytime for quick checks between watching youtube videos
  4. VITOL

    Feedback Don’t like pokémarkt

    It's not really fair for new players because the prize for them is waay more expensive and not as easy like clicking in pokemart like we the old players did before for not thinking in buy them nevar again but Patrick took that decision and he has a complex mind lol so just let u know that for me you new ppl are the megastones heros although i would never know who made in this way lol well sorry for this but yeh don't believe that Pat will revert this until maybe v5 lol. So yeh just good luck in pokebay and patience.
  5. Frozen ones look awesome so gratz but i just hope they are not completely frozen so I could battle with them. But yeh there are so many ideas for new types and such requests have being asked since 1958 and if Patrick hasn't do it yet i barely think he is still hesitating.
  6. when the topic post cant be clearer...
  7. VITOL

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    ign vitol 1st 2nd3rd i need money to reach my goals ó.ò
  8. VITOL

    Christmas Hatchathon


    i got a from a 12hr that has no logic bro
  9. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading my spare for a metallic/dark/shiny one or maybe unique jangmo'os
  10. When I incubate the egg i already have the avatar before the egg hatches :V
  11. VITOL

    Christmas Hatchathon


    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ check the event center
  12. VITOL

    Christmas Hatchathon


  13. VITOL

    Christmas Hatchathon


    omg i want that first reward so much im already jealous $$$$$$$$$$
  14. VITOL

    Christmas Hatchathon


    it is possible to hatch a shiny pichu christmas from a 30 min egg?