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  1. u won another ! @VEER1234 Please offer the worst pokemon ever to my uft
  2. I have dreamt a lot of times with the quiz having lot of weird long fakemons like "Kangaskhan Mega Fused Basculin Blue Stripe" or "Jangmo-o Ultra Beast Elephant" and the time is getting over bcos i have to search through internet the new pokemons to see if i can identify them and when im writting the name i get a lot of typos and i got stressed bcos someone else can write it and then i would have no time and at the end timeout and next round. Today i dreamt with a real pokemon but in new sprite with the shape of a tapu fini but bigger and we dont know what it was. I am the only one that dreams with the quiz?
  3. VITOL

    Unanswered Confusion status

    How much damage is taken from confusion damage? For how many actions its this status active by average?
  4. badman99 lost his opportunity for taking too long to respond, the winner is @Harris07 Pls offer the poke u hate the most to my UFT
  5. u won a ! Pls offer your most hated poke into my UFT
  6. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    im not the ot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ uft it is now
  7. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    i have a
  8. VITOL

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    vitol being able to complete the pokedex from real game thanks
  9. For those that are wondering if someone went greedy and got all or most of them.. NO, it didn't happen. I checked all promos and there were a lot of different users. It surprised me, good job guys and thanks Razor for the give away
  10. VITOL

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    vitol thanks
  11. @VEER1234 cgaz human u won a and u were lucky bcos i dont use to get beggars into the giveaway but there weren't so much participation welp so offer ur most hated poke into my UFT and pls take care of him he has feelings
  12. VITOL

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    ok just realized my calcs maybe are not true, so there was a pokemon vortex v1 and v2 along 5 years after closing crater?
  13. VITOL

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    tnx pat