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  1. I have a lot of Legendaries but I couldn't trade them because the fear to the botted exp so I gonna make some rules: THE LEGENDS ARE UFT IN VITOLLEGS Definition of rare Legends: Rates in EXP: Normal Legendary: 200K EXP Normal rare legendary: 300K EXP Unique Legendary: 450-500K EXP Unique rare Legendary: 600K EXP Shiny Legendary: 550-600K EXP Shiny rare Legendary: 700K EXP Examples of hypothetical trades with fossils: 10-15 normal legends for a unique Hoenn. 20-30 normal legends for a unique Sinnoh. 3-7 unique legends for a unique Hoenn. 7-13 unique legends for a unique Sinnoh. Fossils I'm searching: What I have: Normal: Metallic: Shiny: Dark: Mystic: Shadow:
  2. Giveaway

    If the four ppl that haven´t answered yet doesn´t appear before 24th, i´ll redraw
  3. Giveaway

    I didn't get the dratini but for me the event is over by surrender, so I'll declare the winners now: Z-Alchemist hasty sreechand Unknown_citizen BigKike naruto1129 @seth1129400 @Haxor69 @unknown_citizen @sreesree @Pratham Shetty @marllonflaxDxD Cgaz, put some random poke uft and tell me. Probably i'll giveaway more cosmogs so the unlucky people don't lose hope
  4. until

    Can someone describe me via PM the missions above 5th? to know if surrender or not
  5. This will enhance a lot our vortex experience in mobiles, since that for searching on maps as for battling the tap delay takes much importance
  6. until

    but then u plan it like if you will encounter a pokemon yes or yes. And also, there is too much more possibility to be normal than unique. Your maths are OK but your logic failed miserably. I gonna take advantage that i'm writing a post to cry a little bit: I spent LOT of hours and didnt find the dratini yet. And a lot is a lot. I just found 7 mystics so the worst part is that is even normal to not have been found the lvl 5 yet. Enough.
  7. until

    but this is to find it in one try right? what about in 10.000 steps?
  8. I think that we could have a forever feature style Discord, that could get for example pikachu belle doing missions like in this event, for example catching metallic scatterbug lvl 5 male after the mission is accepted; only one mission could be running at once.
  9. until

    try to leave only the pokemon that requires for that type. example if u have 1 charmander male and other female put the male uft for a moment and try
  10. until

    up for trade
  11. until

    try to leave only the pokemon that requires for that type. example if u have 1 charmander male and other female put the male uft for a moment and try (if u r searching for charmander female)
  12. a8608da7259b49f38cf544592d995708.png

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    2. marllonflaxDxD


      I don't think anybody from the forum got it so far. I only saw one player capture Mystic Dratini F lvl 5 in game ;-;

    3. Zamir


      Maybe not from the forum, but some people have got it and 2 players are already at the last mission

    4. eurstin


      lmao caught it with a master ball. Taking no chances :D

  13. Universal

    yes ХD
  14. Universal

    i have uft in VitolUniques :V i want 200EXP (sableye is level 50)