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  2. in Mudbray Ranch night in route 14 night 22 night
  3. Tha'ts a Gossifleur right? Then doesn't matter bcos is already on my guide
  4. Hi, the regular pokemons locations are done, still long time is needed for legendaries and rares
  5. in Route 21 there is no water i think (at least diveable) and i can´t find and , are you sure?
  6. Notice: has been moved recently and changed to spawn rate RARE. https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/migrations/ If you find a pokemon that is not here or a rare/legendary please put it here '*' Means that it won't appear in the daytime change DAY New Heaven *YamperSkwovet Route 2 *n: Route 3 *etn: Route 4 *n: Route 7 Water:Cave: n: Route 8 Grass: *n: Route 9 n: Route 10n: Route 11*n: Route 12n: Route 13*n: Route 14*(before migration)n: Route 15*n: Route 16***n: Route 17**n: Route 18 n: Route 21**n: Route 22**n: Route 23 Grass: Water: n: Route 24 Grass: *Water: *(rare)n: Route 25 n: Fungal Cavern floor from Nightshaden: Mudbray Ranch n: Nightshaden: Scorched Sanctum From Lava Ridge:From Granite Gate:From Route 9:n: Shore's end Grass: Water: n: Stillwater Quarry Grass:Water: n: The Quays Water: n: Upper SteelMouth Power Plant First floor: Second floor: n: Wild Overgrowth Grass: *Water: n: NIGHT New Heaven n: Route 2*n: Route 3*n: Route 4n: Route 6*n: Route 7 Grass:**Water:Cave: n: Route 8 Grass:* Water: *n: Route 9n: Route 10**n: Route 11*n: Route 12n: Route 13 *n: Route 14 *n: Route 15 *(before migration)n: Route 16 ***n: Route 17 *n: Route 18 n: Route 21 **n: Route 22 **n: Route 23 Grass: *Water: n: Route 24 Grass: *n:indeedee (F) Route 25 (rare)n:n:corsola(galarian) Fungal Cavern floor from Nightshaden:yamask(galarian)silicobra Mudbray Ranch * n:wooloonickit Nightshaden:sinistea Scorched Sanctum From Lava Ridge:From Granite Gate:From Route 9:n:cufantrolycolysizzlipede Shore's end Grass: * Water: n:chewtleskwovetrookideeslowpoke (galarian) Stillwater Quarry Grass: Water: n:farfetch'd (galarian)arrokuda The Quays Water: n:cramorant Upper SteelMouth Power Plant First floor: Second floor: n:koffingtoxeltrubbish Wild Overgrowth Grass: *Water: n:skwovetfarfetch'd (galarian)cramorant
  7. contragulations u won a ! Make a dumb offer to my in my trade list and i'll accept
  8. Actually there is no point to invest time in seasonal leaderboards if u have already the three normal porygons and u don't want expend time that some of us don't have (i don't think i can pass from 20th even investing all my free time on this). Also, wasting all your monthly time in trash because you haven't reach the unique porygon position for a few points must be frustrating and pointless. I propose that after the 5th, there will be some percentages to adquire that unique like 1st to 5th - 100% 6th - 50% 7th - 49% and so on untiil 55th - 1% That will motivate more from us that don't have enough time to reach 5th position in playing seasonals
  9. lol when i say u can post multiple times i mean for participate in the following contests not in the same
  10. Ctrgltns u won a ! Please offer ur most hated pokemon to my in my Trade List
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