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  1. if i catch a new poke, i train him up to 300K exp, I think i will keep the season points for EXP and unique poke even if I release/trade it. I made some tests and it seems its working but i prefer to be 100% sure. Could someone confirm that?
  2. no but i'll check for other trades to see if its over there in other poke, if u want close this and i'll create another thread if i found it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I guess is the same as this
  4. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Exchanging my uft for ur or
  5. The first hour of the day (dunno the rest) shows the prize of yesterday. My timezone is +2 (now is 2.08, in vortex 0.08) so most probably is a mistake of greater and greater than tested with firefox and chrome Edit: I take the screenshot of Auke that he did bcos i was too lazy for that:
  6. @sas u won a ! offer anything to ma uft Cosmog
  7. VITOL

    Report Hack #2

    dude i dont get why u say is a hacker, neither the first one, what am i missing? ¯\_(ó.ò)_/¯
  8. VITOL

    General Rating Pokemon variants

    Questing always dark and look for 1 hit KOs.. so Dark and two-type pokemon about pricing i think is shiny>dark>shadow>mystic>metallic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    someone wants to exchange ma uft duped for a ororor? and u know... for ur
  10. VITOL

    Discussion The Most disliked Pokemon

    and his stupid evolutions bcos they are stupid ice creams
  11. The hearts of happiness images are broken due to bad link Stats Level: 100Exp: 54,478Happiness: OT: VitolUniques
  12. :0 is working

  13. VITOL

    Giveaway Porygon (hammer) giveaway !

    hi human ign vitol thanks 4 yo osom giveaway
  14. VITOL

    Unanswered Seasonal Formula

    I made the formula and it returns me like half the points.. and I swear Pat said that the battle number and uniques were more important than the global formula :V
  15. VITOL

    Unanswered Seasonal Formula

    Could u pls provide the formula for the seasonal points pls