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  1. my Metallic Naganadel for ur Metallic Poipole pls
  2. Cgz @badman99 u won a! Please offer ur most hated poke to my UFT
  3. Take two of these: (promo code) (promo code) for a Shiny Furfrou Heart
  4. After more than 1 year.. I dunno, 2 years, year and half.. Searching almost everyday in fire maps for a Shiny Litten, the only missing poke from my pokedex of all catchable pokes (except UBs)... Seeing how I miss stupidly the few auctions that were... Seeing with frustration how most of the auction were so high comparing with other shiny starters... Finally TODAY I could catch one. Now I can rest in peace.

    Ah no, still missing a Metallic Unown 0 :l

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    2. rotoms5


      Lol. Pory 

    3. Kreios


      I accidentally killed one today, still angry at myself for hitting Attack instead of Use Item 

    4. VITOL
  5. U won a ! Please offer ur most hated pokemon to my in my trade list
  6. yeh, at the moment the necrozma event appeared. i was waiting it for end.. but it doesn't even start. in any case u are excluded from the raffle.
  7. Trading Metallic Magearna code, looking for Dark Magearna claimed or unclaimed
  8. Sorry for the delay but with the month of Evolution I turned off for compete for Normal Cosmog @holmes4869 u won a ! Pls offer whatever u want to my up for trade
  9. i am a badas madafaka everyone hates me
  10. VITOL

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    we need to bring up our traumas to get over them bro
  11. VITOL

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    ah no i thought u were talking about beast balls and i was like how to find beast balls in maps lol sry ma folt im searching also for blacephalons as well im rich but stingy XD
  12. VITOL

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


  13. i have shiny zero bro i need metallic zero bro
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