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  1. I'm the #1 unluckiest guy in pokebay history, consolidating my rank in every single auction im interested in. Crying.

    1. ashgreninjaserina


      I feel that way too

  2. VITOL

    Both Disable Requests

    bro just check the options tab at the left sidebar
  3. dude u won a Cosmog just FYI offer the poke you will give to your worst enemy to ma up for trade
  4. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Someone do his (or shiny if u insist) for my ultra ? Btw reminder: or or for your ororor
  5. VITOL

    Universal SEEKING FOR EEVEE!

  6. Hi Priyamtron just to tell ya that u won a ! And pls offer the poke u hate the most to my uft
  7. VITOL

    Bug Searching by '0' in pokebay

    If i want to search in 'Browse auction' and i put '0' (for the unown 0) in the search field, it returns me all pokemons instead the pokes that contains '0'
  8. Doesn't work (typical empty() issue) i have to put a parentheses after the 0 which makes me move my right hand from the mouse to the keyboard
  9. VITOL

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    or or for your ororor
  10. VITOL

    Idea rattata (ratilloui)

    And a phanpy (Dumbo)
  11. Not a single unique in whole event and i was 98% of the time in steel maps fml kms i swear to god i won't vote for hunting events ever again well or maybe i will yeh hunting events rules

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    2. omg414


      what's the point in wasting time when they will be back on mystery boxes? we all just wasted loads of time..

    3. fodnbilal


      they won't be back now,it'll probably be in some time,also for some people the edition and ball matters;some want the poke right now because they want to complete their dex faster or because of some other reason.

    4. Patrick


      Not to mention actually doing the event gets you them for free. Why is this point always overlooked. You're not even a store customer @omg414 so you actually *need* the events rather than Mystery Box rotation, your point makes no sense.

  12. Since event

    Arceus (Steel): 0

    Celesteela: 2


  13. VITOL

    The Arceus Trifecta


  14. VITOL


    my for ur