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  1. a 1 mill exp pls because thats dialga is more then 1mil exp
  2. If any one wants cheaper I’ll do random vairent for 50k
  3. jeffpig

    Universal trades

    i have a lot of pokemon so look at them i accept pokemon and cash so dm me in game and ill put it in action for cash or in trades for pokes if your looking for a sertiain pokemon tell me ill see if i have it and what varient i have it in if it is a commen or a rare i will get it willd for you but i dont know the varient it will probaly be normal but you might be luckky and get a diifferent varient varients normal x 208 shiny x 23 dark x 36 metallic x 17 mystic x 24 shadow x 16
  4. Who rembers lugi v ho- oh

    1. Kong-ZILLA
    2. jeffpig


      When did lugi become a water type

  5. waaaaaaaaaa so sad free charizard for u ign jeffpig for both use jion and charizard
  6. looking for a lucarioite




      i have one but im saving it for either for shiny lucarioor dark lucarioso it can be shiny lucario (mega)or dark lucario (mega) so i cant give u sorry dude :P

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