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  1. he/she scammed me to and relesed my pokes kong zilla said he got scamed to and he /she new ign is laven
  2. i gave her 5 of my pokes to rrian and now she/he only has bad looks like she trraded them text me at jeffpig820@gmail.com for proof
  3. i dont think u should ppost that text me in game for exp
  4. the pokes i want are in your trades Metallic Chikorita 5 days ago 68 34,396 Tackle Razor Leaf Magical Leaf Natural Gift Red-panda Gyarados 5 days ago 50 25,130 Aqua Tail Ice Fang Bite Twister Red-panda Mystic Snivy 5 days ago 46 23,380 Tackle
  5. sell a buntch of pokes beat some sidequest and tranig acount i got 1 mill in 2 hours
  6. i have 3 munchlax so 3 people can trian
  7. how did u change hyper poster into neon mew

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    2. jeffpig
    3. Red-panda


      How u change your profile picture?

    4. jeffpig


      i dont think u can do it mobile but on pc there is a redd button ten choose a file i dont know how on windows because i use a imac

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