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  1. do you have a alt acc, *sob

  2. @foodviro2.0may god bless you all @Auke1993 @StrikeFlame1
  3. don't leave ☹️

    1. Lildude


      im gone bro bye see you never :( 

    2. StrikeFlame1
  4. @foodviro2.0your the main reason im leaving your always rude to me
  5. bye everyone i dont deserve to be here i just do silly stuff that gets me in trouble so ima be gone so bye i willl miss you all
  6. is barbaricle in the water or on land in wild overgrowth because i lookex for 2 hours and still cant find it
  7. your screwed hahahahah oof you welp that sucks be you right now hahahahahahahhahahahah
  8. because im in 701 so i would like to know if i can get CV bc i rlly want those legends
  9. oh shoot i got to go to bed but the contest aint over
  10. much appreciated it wouldnt be bot controlled
  11. ok first gets: second gets: and third gets: how to win? its a raffle so just put ign only 8 people tho! and a extremley small chance to get caterpie(christmas)
  12. Lildude

    Answered Banned

    bro whoa talking about we whoa thats off limits bro speaking about weed you deserve to be banned
  13. why are you reporting me when i was literally in class

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