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  1. This guy named MATEOYT said me that he would give pokemon's indeed he didn't and said he wont scam me he took my money now i am poor i need some help pls ban him my request regards patrick My bday is soon i was suppose to be happy now i am sad patrick pls help me in some way or other pls ban this guy ik i wont get my money but this guy will get what he wants. regards QUANTUMthebest
  2. Follow me on Forums and In vortex or else u won't win the giveaway if u follow me u will Get a chance to win But also i dont pick the winners I used Spin the wheel
  3. I mean he deserves it and u all don't Cause he followed me first in my giveaway and u all did'nt
  4. Ok the results was spinned on the wheel and the winner was Kong-ZILLA he took a mystery box next time guys
  5. Also will be picking winner tmrw GL going to be using a spin the whell randomizer
  6. hello how do i make my profile pic look like this:Legendary Pokemon GIF by Pokémon

    1. Kong-ZILLA


      thanks for the baby how to train your dragon lugia in video call cause my fav. pokemon is lugia

    2. QUANTUMthebest
  7. Also BTW I am Kong's Best friend we know each other in person so winning and losing no problem for me BTW I have all those pokes
  8. Hello IGN QUANTUMthebest I don't wanna win I wanna participate GL ALL BTW join Kong-zilla forever boiii also wakanda forever
  9. sure anyone can send me friend request in anything on discord or game anything ssorry for late reply
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