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  1. [WARNING: WALL OF TEXT AHEAD] Since having rejoined this game, I’ve been enjoying my time quite a bit. I used to play back in the Pokémon Crater days and find the Vortex experience to be more enjoyable – Crater wasn't bad, of course. That said, I still have a few ideas I’d like to share that could perhaps add to what is currently on offer. A quick sidenote before I get into the actual ideas: While I have checked the thread that compiles a load of ideas proposed by other players, I haven’t plowed through all the old of forum posts - 21 pages of them at the time o
  2. My main team is the following one: I'm currently trying to assemble a new one, just to create a little more variation for myself. It's proving difficult to put anything together that comes even remotely close to the main squad, however.
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