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  1. I would like to know if an event from years ago, such as kyurem or zygarde can be repeated again? If so, when would it return?
  2. Catch my shiny rayquaza with an ultra ball, but it appears trapped with a normal pokeball, please if you could change it for me or is there any way to change the pokeball?
  3. Good morning, The bug is, The confirmation of my pokemon that I have caught does not appear, it is the pokeball icon that appears on the side of the pokemon. This helped me see what pokemon I had repeated. I await your prompt response, thank you.
  4. Good Morning, I would like to know if my old pokemon vortex v1 account can be recovered, the id: Tigreron I have another account with the same name that I am using but I would like to know if I can recover my other account with the same name. Thank you.
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