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  1. In battling you can get 1 - 15 pts ; The distribution is not uniform : 15pts for 50,000exp decreasing to 2pts for 3000exp and 1pts for lower
  2. Just the other day i came across this clan : TrainingLegendary . Each member has a pokemon team with ineffective attacks for training a specific type of pokemon. i is quite good even for low level common pokemon. Whosever clan this is has done an excellent job. These were some of my battle results : https://ibb.co/2s85Hj0 https://ibb.co/mHKqKQb
  3. YashT

    Answered mystery box

    You can buy mystery boxes here Items - Pokémon Vortex Forums (pokemon-vortex.com) or on pokebay auctions. To know about sidequests check your battle number with this Sidequests - Pokémon Vortex Wiki (pokemon-vortex.com)
  4. Ok. Thanks dude
  5. Can someone pls tell me how much season points can we get from catching pokemon and winning battles ?
  6. You can encounter legendary pokemon in the wild though they are very rare. You can see all the legendary pokemon here and where they can be found. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Legendary_Pokémon Galar gyms are present in Vortex Citadel, Lava Ridge, Granite gate, Starfall, Everbloom, Nightshade, Quays and Blackstock's toll This is a map to the routes: V5-map — ImgBB
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