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  1. Every time click on unlock event it show me that no events for you this is the photo https://photos.app.goo.gl/zUjHQX4pGLeB6rox5
  2. When season will be open for me
  3. How to catch legendary fast
  4. what is ot greninja ?? Please explain breifly
  5. There is an event of greninja ash .I have one greninja but how to form into greninja ash does I have to go to event center or something else if event center than what us the price of ticket
  6. From where I would get legendary pokemon and galar gyms
  7. No sir issue is not reported .issue is recurring I log in and go to explore it is stuck in route no 25 and where I have to copy paste
  8. sir I have problem when I open explore it is not opening please help me I have just entered in route 25 and it start bugging
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