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  1. Ign : Ptraining Congrats on your yt channel dude You can make vids of hunting Raquaza's or UB's
  2. It's not Botting lol, He has used that Line "VORTEX-BOT-AUTHORISE-C70C4A8F" to link his Discord account to his IGN, from which the vortex bot confirms his account.
  3. I can give '500' 100lvl pokemons, so that would be 10m pds.. Ign : Ptraining
  4. Got the First Shiny Arctozolt🤑

  5. and also got 2Seasonal points you know what that means😏

  6. Got 2x Fossilized Birds after completing sidequests three times😑

  7. Event when??


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    2. eeveecuteness


      When i play fnf LAGGY why.... 

    3. Pokechampionpikachu


      Here is the video: Among us

    4. Pokechampionpikachu


      I no LAGGY.................... 

  8. I think this thread will be helpful for you this was posted long back
  9. I found this I refreshed the page but it didn't go https://paste.pics/264502d01679a97850418a4a759ec364 I don't know if it's a bug
  10. If you have the screenshots of your conversation with this guy just post it and also next time you trade do with people you trust
  11. Waiting for the event.......😪

    1. Darshil_Irex


      which one?


    2. HyperPanther


      There there pal

  12. This is obviously a scam Vortex Administrators don't ask or require your passwords and this guy pokemonvortexservice is a cheater/scammer, don't reply to him and as proof paste the screenshots of his conversation with you so the Admins can take action against him.
  13. He is a scammer earlier this week he had sent me a Friend Reqeust again and was my friend a month ago he says he will do exp training 1:4 and tells to offer the money before I had offered him my Pokemon to train and also offered to train for event pokemons and offer them before he even started Training
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