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  1. What is your Ign? Maybe you can message me?
  2. I have shiny Hoopa unbound and shiny Magearna original. I am not looking for anything at the moment. But if someone make good offer I will accept. If anyone is interested can message me in game. EDIT : shiny hoopa unbound is no more. I still have shiny Arceus fairy and shiny Magearna original
  3. This trade is now closed
  4. Sorry, someone made me a good offer already. Thank you for offering too.
  5. Yes that is what I am offering
  6. Anyone interested to trade shiny Mewtwo armor and shiny Arceus fairy for a shiny Groudon?
  7. frostfire81


    This trade now closed. Thank you all who view
  8. frostfire81


    Done thank you
  9. frostfire81


    I put up for trade you can go offer if you really want
  10. frostfire81


    Shiny Giratina Origin for Shiny Rayquaza, check my profile to confirm. And pm me or message me or talk here is fine.
  11. maybe you want to pm me or something? I have shiny Zeraora now.
  12. I can't even buy now, haha. It is stuck...maybe I need to ask dev, I don't know.
  13. I am actually trying to buy it, but I don't know why it is stuck on pending approval, I thought it is instant
  14. But in the store, shiny giratina Origin is only 10 bucks. That's pretty cheap.
  15. ok, how about if I have a shiny Giratina (Origin)? Is that worth money?
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