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  1. I understand what you are saying. Firstly, I was not talking about the Pokebay. Secondly, that was my issue, I made a purchase and did not get the promo code. It says "awaiting approval by our staff". I am worried they take my money and did not give me the items.
  2. maybe you want to pm me or something? I have shiny Zeraora now.
  3. I can't even buy now, haha. It is stuck...maybe I need to ask dev, I don't know.
  4. I am just trying to buy some pokemons from the store, but they are holding my order for some reason. Isn't purchasing items supposed to be instant because it is a promo code? Is this suppose to happen??? Should I contact dev? and How do I contact dev?
  5. I am actually trying to buy it, but I don't know why it is stuck on pending approval, I thought it is instant
  6. But in the store, shiny giratina Origin is only 10 bucks. That's pretty cheap.
  7. ok, how about if I have a shiny Giratina (Origin)? Is that worth money?
  8. anyone is interested to trade a Pikachu(Belle) and Vivillon(Fancy) for a shiny Rayquaza? I would like a Shiny Rayquaza
  9. I need to know. A long time ago, early stages of Pokémon vortex, I was able to use script to earn millions and billions of experience...but I read some where that if you use script now you will be banned...is there no fast way to get millions and billions of exp? Can I use Auto clicker, technically that is not a script right...thank you, I'm sorry but I need to ask this, I need to know if I am going to break my hands and fingers clicking battle
  10. if u dont mind we can go arceus hunting

  11. Where do I find all legendary pokemon on the map? The new map is really confusing, I came back to play recently, but I played a long long time ago, like 4 or 5 years ago. I want to find Darkrai, Yveltal, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyuerem, Groudon, Kyrogre, Giratina, Arceus and as many legendary as possible, but I don't know their location. Please help.
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