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  1. It is probably one of those reasons, I did a more detailed explanation so that they understand it better, or should I make it more extensive and add my form?
  2. I put a bug and did not receive a response, I put an error nor did I receive a response. Or in what way should I do it?
  3. Envie mi report hace 3 dias para que me ayuden a resolver mi problema y aun nada, estuve editando varias veces mi forum pero no consigo ninguna respuesta de nadie, como haria para que alguien me responda, veo que hay a gente que les responden normal y a mi nada.
  4. Sorry for the inconvenience @flamescape, I need your help with my next problem, I created my account since 2014 of pokemon vortex v3, I stopped playing it for personal reasons and after a while I am playing it again. I remember having several strong Pokemon, including Shiny Primal Kyogre and Shiny Primal Groudon, and other Pokemon that disappeared out of nowhere. Log in to my account again, I did not find most of my Pokémon including the ones I mentioned before. These two pokemon, which I remember I got at an event and took a long time to get. I wouldn't know why they disappeared, I don'
  5. Good morning , sorry for the inconvenience, my problem is an error or a bug, I'm coming back after a while to play pokemon vortex, I was reviewing my list of pokemon and I realize that my pokemon shiny kyogre primal and shiny groudon primal They are not on my list of pokemon, I would not know why they disappeared, I do not know if it is because of the update or it is because of something else, please if you could return my most precious pokemon to me, because I want to continue playing pokemon. I await your reply, thank you. Browser & device information: https://www.whatsmyb
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