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  1. ign CandyCotton I know how you feel bc my friends left the game forever i still feel sad sometimes
  2. I can help but I dont have discord but you can message me in game ign CandyCotton
  3. ign CandyCotton I just wanna win salmence and morpecko
  4. I think i have 2 suicunes ill give u one

  5. I want the Sucicune but I have... basically no pds but I have several legendarys I don't need so maybe I can trade some legendarys and give you the rest of my pds?
  6. How many ground and ghost Pokemon? If its just a few I can get it done before tomorrow
  7. I am trading almost any ghost and ground type Pokemon (Excludes legendary and shiny but I have a darkari) for level 100. I want an eevee or its evolutions at any level past 18. It might take a while to find and train the Pokemon (Like 1-3 days), but if you are interested you can tell me what you want and your username so I can notify you when I'm done! NOTES: The Eevee/ evolution needs to be at at least lv 20 You can have up to 30 Pokemon but the higher the level, the less you can get NO vaporeon or Glaceon, I already have them I AM training fire types too bu
  8. Azelf is not there and I did not trade yet...
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