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  1. I don’t think this guy is still active, last time he checked in was last year.
  2. Umm he said he’s looking for a zeraora not trading it
  3. Dude u do realize that a variant is more valuable than a normal poke.
  4. I have a shiny eevee (It has all hearts with 500k exp on it). I’m interested in your events and specials.
  5. Is the mystic scorbunny still available? Can you check my account to see if there’s anything I can trade for the scorbunny Ign TobyKetchup
  6. TobyKetchup

    Universal trade

    Is your buzzwole available for trading?
  7. I have aI’m interested in
  8. I have a would you be willing to trade any of your ultra beasts?
  9. IGN: TobyKetchup Thank you, I sent you some trades.
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