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  1. sounds good send an offer and i will accept my ign is the same
  2. i have some cool pokes if anyones interested, im looking for shinys. same ign, ft:
  3. update: i caught shiny articuno! new pokemon for trade:
  4. hey jeff would you be interested in a 2 for one? i'll give you your pick of one of my articunos plus a shadow pip for shiny regice. fell free to offer if your interested and i will accept. same ign, thanks!
  5. ign is the same jakub sent you a piplup shooma send the offer i will accept shadow pip still available (i had 2)
  6. have the following for trade: lf shinys, would love a shiny articuno but no fair trade will be turned down
  7. FT: Not looking for anything particular, make an offer same username
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