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  1. How do you make the frame thing around your text in your bio
  2. are u kyogreisthebeast

    do you want ur shadow eevee back

  3. Congratulation to the winners Normal Meltan- @Red-panda Mystic Meltan- @jeffpig Metallic Meltan- @eeveecuteness the meltans are on trade, just search kaylee000 and offer trash mon on the meltan you won I didn't pick the winners the wheel did There will be more giveaways coming soon!
  4. I'm giving away 3 meltans one normal one mystic and one metallic. reply your ign to enter and winners will be announced in 2 days thanks to my brother for catching these meltans
  5. I think silverstar2202 likes you that’s why he always say how r u

  6. hey

    1. kaylee000
    2. jeffpig


      he did the same thing to me

  7. WINNERS ----------- @HyperPanther @JamesBrian @tazzer Congratulations to the winners for winning the giveaway the s are on trade just offer trash mons I didn't pick the winners the wheel did.
  8. I am doing a giveaway i am giving away 3s and you can win one by replying your ign (in-game name). winners will be announced tomorrow
  9. kaylee000

    Answered hi

    click Forgot Your Password?
  10. sorry i want to keep my dratinice for now maybe i'll trade you it later
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